4 things you should know before moving to France


#1. Learn greetings


France is a place where togetherness is highly enhanced. It is only in France where people cannot pass one another without saying hi because they live like brothers and sisters. So as not to appear different and out of place, you need to learn the basics of French so that you can live happily in the French land. This will easy your stay since it would be possible to live in cooperation with others.

#2. Legal documents and Criminal record or history


The peace that is in France is yielded from a serious of scrutinisation that people undergo before they step into that land. This is a no joke zone for criminals and drug traffickers. You need all to have all the legal documentations and permits that shows you are in France legally to avoid the law from harassing you.

#3. Learn the customs


France is a very funny country where everything is done in a unique and different way compared to other countries. Learn when to send Christmas gifts, when to go out for dinner or lunch with your family and how to conduct yourself in public holidays. These are among the things that France are being done differently.

#4. Stay positive at all times


In France, you need to always be positive for things to happen perfectly. France is a country that is full of opportunities, entertainment and good luck. You need to have courage and mentally positivity towards everything to ensure that you make in France. People are always willing to support one another so you should not be afraid to ask for assistance should you be having any problem that is bothering you.

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