4 things you should know before moving to France


#1. Learn greetings


France is a place where togetherness is highly enhanced. It is only in France where people cannot pass one another without saying hi because they live like brothers and sisters. So as not to appear different and out of place, you need to learn the basics of French so that you can live happily in the French land. This will easy your stay since it would be possible to live in cooperation with others.

#2. Legal documents and Criminal record or history


The peace that is in France is yielded from a serious of scrutinisation that people undergo before they step into that land. This is a no joke zone for criminals and drug traffickers. You need all to have all the legal documentations and permits that shows you are in France legally to avoid the law from harassing you.

#3. Learn the customs


France is a very funny country where everything is done in a unique and different way compared to other countries. Learn when to send Christmas gifts, when to go out for dinner or lunch with your family and how to conduct yourself in public holidays. These are among the things that France are being done differently.

#4. Stay positive at all times


In France, you need to always be positive for things to happen perfectly. France is a country that is full of opportunities, entertainment and good luck. You need to have courage and mentally positivity towards everything to ensure that you make in France. People are always willing to support one another so you should not be afraid to ask for assistance should you be having any problem that is bothering you.

Monaco vs. Sait Tropez – which one is the best?


Monaco is one of the thrilling cities when it comes to modern advancement and technology progress owing to the fact that it has been invaded by people from across the world. Homes here are built with excellent and complex luxurious features that only the financial capable people can buy. The compound is limited so developers tend to prefer building apartments to ensure that the huge population is housed without any of them being left behind. Houses are built in a word class manner and they normally contain the five star features meaning you will have to cough huge amount to obtain a house.

St. Tropez is one of the best emerging cities where housing is made to fit all kinds of people. All houses meet the safety requirements as enshrined in the real estate laws to ensure that only quality houses exist for human dwelling. St. Tropez has houses that are categorized from less luxurious to more luxurious houses which gives many people the opportunity to obtain houses even with the smallest amount of money.

It depends with the financial capability of the person because life in Monaco is a bit more expensive compared to St. Tropez. Monaco has modern roads that ensures no heavy at all times which means you can drive and reach home quickly. Major shopping malls and restaurants are available in both towns but for Monaco, they are more advanced. St Tropez has houses that even the middle class earners can own. This is an emerging city when compared to Monaco so housing is cheap. It has been however invaded by the most world class developers who want to transform it as well.

3 reasons to buy a home in France


#1. Economic advancement


France is one of the places where economy has real blossomed to any aspiring entrepreneur. It has numerous opportunities so buying a home in France would be like exposing yourself to the countless business opportunities. You would be able to invest and manage your businesses or projects without moving out of the country because France has greener pastures than any other country. It has big towns and cities that are well populated which makes it a good potential market for any products.

#2. Serenity and Solitude


We all need environments that are calm and cool to live a very peaceful life. Houses in France are built by experienced developers who have the knowledge of selecting the best environments where homes should be built. Most of the homes are located in quite places that are away from town to ensure people are alleviated from the daily noise of busy towns. Every home is perfectly secured in a gated compound to comply with the rules of France which in turn enhances the security of the building or place. This is the best thing about France because every home is perfectly built to provide the best indoor living.

#3. Available social amenities


For life to be perfect and luxurious, people need to have access to social amenities. France has the best hospitals ever, meaning you can be treated of any illness locally in France without having to go anywhere else. Full availability of water because many residential homes have boreholes built around them. For religious and worshiping needs, many homes in France are located where there are churches, mosques and other worshiping denominations to enable people worship their God any time they feel like. Well-built roads are available which makes moving and driving easy regardless of any weather.