#1. Aquitaine, Landes, Biscarrosse


This is a 40 acre land that is located on the most developed towns. It is a good place for building commercial or residential houses and it has the best fertility which makes it ideal for farming. It goes for $1, 700, 1000

#2. Franche-Comté, Doubs, Baume-les


This is a building land that is essential for building any kind of building according to developer’s reports. Besides its architectural approval, there is water and electricity availability and it has ready title deeds that one is given upon purchase. The land is very clean, no valleys no obstacles, it has everything good for perfect building. It costs



Talking of luxurious houses, wait until you see this town house that lies desperately on the serene environments as it waits for the buyer. Full furnished with electric fence to provide maximum security. It has spacious rooms that people can keep anything of their choice. You need to pay € 15,000,000 to have it with its documents of ownership.

#4 15 bedroom house for sale


Still in Magee, this house is in the remote areas where noise and disturbances are not completely found. It is a house that is designed to fit the dwelling of every person no matter how big his or her family is. It could be used as a guest house as well. €18,000,000 to get it.

#5. 12 bedroom villa for sale


This villa refuses to go unnoticed at the Megeve lands. It’s a unique and everybody looks at how excellent his or her life would be when living in such a house. It is indeed the best place to be because of its mesmerizing nature and peace. Well furnished with a standby generator to ensure that electricity does not escape you any time. It goes for €15,900,000 cash money to acquire this luxurious property but it’s worth it.